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“Early detection saves lives”

PinkDrive provides free women’s health service to the medically uninsured in South Africa, offering free breast examinations, free pap smears, prostate specific antigen tests, prostate and testicular cancer awareness, cervical cancer awareness, free education and free mammograms. Pink Drive has 3 mammogram trucks, and education vehicle (a doctor’s room on wheels) and three mobile clinics.

Janice was diagnosed with germ cell cancer in 1994 and has since had successful treatment for lung cancer, spine cancer and breast cancer and is currently living cancer-free. Experiencing “The Little Red Devil” – a type of chemotherapy treatment – is a something that Janice describes as ‘a hell you only find out about when you have cancer’. She endured months of illness, hair loss, severe pain and has shed many tears with family and friends, some of whom she now works with at PinkDrive – she has dedicated her life to charity and helping others and is a proud ambassador for this NGO.


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