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I’m Phanaso Myeza also known as Phan. I’m currently doing my first year at Vega School studying a BA In Strategic Brand Communication.

In mid 2015 early 2016 I started my own company called Hairbyphan that supplies quality virgin hair to people at an affordable price. Since then, Hairbyphan has grown enormously , we have even shipped orders outside the country.

I believe that service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. Hence why I love working with people from different walks of life and I always try to pass on any knowledge that I can

I believe that my story is something that most young girls will be able to relate with. As I’m just a normal girl , who wanted to make a difference in her family financially and now I’ve done more than that.

Hairbyphan is for everyone and anyone that wants to look great without breaking the bank!


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