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I practice as a child psychologist which is not an official category recognized by the HPCSA but is a three year doctorate which is highly selective and grilling. For my sins, I have embarked upon studying neuropsychology this year – also no official status – but the culture of learning prevails.

I originally qualified as a high school art teacher then worked my way steadily down the developmental phases to become a pre-primary school teacher and was then promoted as a lecturer and then a head principal of a pre-primary/ Foundation Phase.

My involvement with children and adolescents has been lifelong and working with them and their parents, siblings and families evolved into the drive to pursue psychology fulltime. Being an over-achiever, I simply continued one degree after another in the search for answers as to the human spirit and endeavor.

As yet I don’t have the answers or solutions but the drive to know and understand the elusive “what is going on inside?” ensures I love every day as I try to touch every child entrusted to my care. 


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