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Lauren Pretorius is the CEO and co-founder of Campaigning for Cancer NPC, an advocacy patient group formed in 2008 to lobby for the promotion and protection of patients’ rights with regards to policy, healthcare costs and healthcare delivery.

Pretorius has worked in the cancer civil society since 2005. She managed the pilot LIVESTRONG/American Cancer Society’s SEI Survivor Forum in South Africa and has represented South Africa as a Global Cancer Ambassador for the UN’s Resolution for Non – Communicable Diseases. She is a member of the International Kidney Cancer Coalition and Global Health Council. She chaired the Civil Society Commission at the National Department of Health’s NCD Summit, was a member of National Cancer Registry implementation team, a founding member of the executive committee of the Cancer Alliance, and is a director to the World Lymphoma Coalition, most recently she was appointed as patient constituency representative to the Presidential Health Summit Steering Committee.

As a specialist consultant, she assisted a number of non-profit organisations to apply business principles and marketing strategies to ensure their greater success and sustainability. She is privileged to work with a number of cancer, NCD and rare disease patient groups.


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